Types of Security Systems for New Homes Melbourne


Home Security Equipment & Features

Benefits of Home Security in Melbourne and all Surrounding Suburbs

  • Protect your Family and Property
  • Improving security for your local community
  • Preventing break-ins
  • Home Owners may receive lower insurance premiums
  • Peace of Mind

Security cameras: Most cameras allow you to receive notifications if activity is detected. This will give you the heads up if someone is at your door. You’ll also find security cameras that feature two-way communication, which can allow you to speak to anyone who is at your door, so you can scare them away. The greatest benefit to owning a security camera is being able to see those who are around or inside your home, so you’ll be better able to identify intruders if they get away.

Motion Sensors for doors & window: Catch burglars or intruders in their tracks with motion and door/window sensors. Paired with a security system that features an alarm, you may be able to scare him or her off. These devices are essential for your home’s security as with some providers, you can get alerts whenever activity is detected in your home. While some basic packages may offer 1-3 sensors, if your home has more points of entry, you’ll want to purchase additional sensors.

Smart home devices: Devices like smart lights and smart door locks are two you’ll definitely want to consider as you look for a home security provider. You’ll find that with some providers who offer smart lights, you can turn them on or off remotely without having to physically flick a switch.

SmokeCloak Fog SecurityA proven, documented answer SmokeCloak .

A completely new approach was needed, the Smokecloak System is your constant silent guard, always on the ready ,waiting for an event and upon an intrusion in the premises IMMEDIATELY firing a massive deluge of dry vapour that forces the offender from the premises…empty handed.

The vapour continues to fill the area becoming thicker and thicker, filling all crevices, all encasing and causing the offender to realise in seconds that the theft is now impossible, he bolts from your stores to seek out an easier target.

With vapour outputs of 400 – 1800 m3 in 30 seconds the Smokecloak System will provide an impenetrable defence wall of fog that renders theft of your product impossible.

Smokecloak simply works.

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